Wiki Leaks is a Serious Problem

Because of Wiki Leaks now publishing Vault 7 (, the secrets of the CIA, the industry is now faced with the enormous problem of keeping the really bad guys out.  Why, because the CIA contains enough bad guys on the right side already!  Now every pissed off joe out there can attack everything and anything they want.  Online Banking you say is secure?  I truly wonder...   Material that is classified as SECRET / NOFORN causes grave damage to the United States and that is just what has been done to our American Security Industry.

Service Response 

Diassu Software is currently looking into how OutlawCountry, BothanSpy, Gyrfalcon and other related attacks can be identified and fixed so that OpenSSH is no longer vulnerable.  Some of our products use SSH and OpenSSH to maintain security, so we are highly concerned that we know about how to fix these vulnerabilities.  We are willing to share our solutions with the industry and secure your operational security!

Information Security Software (Diassu Security Ships)

We are in the process of re-designing some of our software to prevent future hacks as seen by Gyrfalcon. We are going to build the boat this time so that there are no holes.  We are not just patching the holes, but we are creating a new ship that cannot be penetrated by even the CIA.  Stay tuned for Diassu Security Ships.