Diassu Information Security CIA Services

Help to assure and protect the  confidentialityintegrity and availability  (CIA) of your computerized information by performing one of our security reviews.  We will help you to undertand where your weaknesses lie and we will help you to resolve the vulnerabilities that you may have.  We have helped many of the Fortune 500 to raise the bar with their CEO and their corporate security departments.  We also are heavily into the development of Diassu True ID which represents the future of authentication and authorization for the U.S. Government and all public entities.

Diassu DISRT

The Diassu Information Security Response Team (DISRT) helps clients create world class security solutions to protect ther critical infrastructure.  Our Information Security Services fall into the following categories:

  • Security Response - Respond to and resolved Security Events from registered customers.
  • Security Strategy Development - Assess, design and implement security strategies and governance programs that describe the process, controls, organization and infrastructure needed to manage information security related programs.
  • Security Implementations Development and Deployment - Design, implement and integrate security solutions to address corporate enterprise risks and exposures.
  • Security Governance - Design and implement security policies, procedures and standards that describe pragmatic, risk-based mechanisms to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA) of information systems and the data processed therein.
  • Security Monitoring - Design and implement security solutions to monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of security operations, controls and infrastructure.


Our DISRT (Desert) team is armed with questions like the following to assess your entire security organization:

  • Do you use ssh or telnet on your corporate network devices such as firewalls and routers?
  • Have you evaluated the security permissions on each of the application directories that are part of your value chain?
  • Have you hired Ethical Hackers to come into your orgainzation and try to penetrate it?
  • Do you perform regular tests of your security policy by creating fake events and by testing your security team's  Incident Response ?
  • Have you performed code reviews with your development team to be sure there are not SQL Injection Attack Vectors in your code?
  • Have you performed code reviews with your developmet team to be sure that there are not any Cross Site Scripting Attack Vectors in your code?
  • Do you regularly scan your code for these type of issues?

If you have answered YES to any of the above questions, then you should give us a call and schedule an initial assessment with one of our advance security teams so that we can mitigate your risks.