It takes Intelligence to get the right solution

Diassu Software has partnered to provide Siebel solutions to customers world wide Since August of 2001.   

In July of 2010, Diassu aquired Wizard Software and Consulting and gained a decade of Genesys and Siebel Expert Services CRM experience from Wizard Software's employees.  John Kruebbe lead the Wizard Software CRM and Telephony practice and was a former Oracle ACS and Siebel Expert Services consultant very experienced with on-shore and off-shore Siebel Development.  In a recent conversation with John Kruebbe, we discussed a white paper from Duncan Scattergood of Customer Systems PLC.

John said:  "The following list, which is good, comes from a white paper from Duncan Scattergood of Customer Systems PLC and outlines what they believe are the top 10 problems in Siebel projects. They are:

  1. Unrealistic short term expectations,
  2. Insufficient Siebel knowledge in the design team,
  3. Separate technical team,
  4. Insufficient user involvement,
  5. Poorly thought-out integration,
  6. Poor understanding of the difference between sales and service projects,
  7. Insufficient Siebel knowledge in development team,
  8. Insufficient or inappropriate testing,
  9. Poor user adoption,
  10. Inadequate reporting.


John Kruebbe elaborates saying that: "The above list kills the project in its infancy stages.  After the project has started development off-shore is when we see the above 10 problems really come to light.  But, from my experience, the top 5 problems have been in relation to poor management and the use of large off-shore teams of developers:

1) The off-shore vendor allocates too many resources and over-charges the customer for a monolithic solution to a very simple problem.  I call this the Poison KISS (Keep It Simple Silly) effect.

2) Lack of on-shore Design and Development team members to communicate with the business and to resolve issues to closure.  I call this the on-shore drought effect.

3) Lack of production and QA DBA team support and involvement with the on-shore teams.  This is the stretched or shared services DBA effect.

4) Lack of a highly skilled on-shore Siebel DBA,  Siebel Architect, Siebel Configuration Specialists and Siebel Administrators.  This is the Skills Kills effect.

5) Lack of patience and resource allocation for issue resolution due to poor upper management team choices after project has gone live."   

Diassu Software has incorporated the Wizard Software and Consulting customer success practices and procedures into its Call Center Solutions practice and this uniquely positions Diassu Software as a less-costly and potential alternative to a large off-shore vendor or an Oracle ACS sought solution.   

Please let us know if you are having a difficult time resolving these types of issues and we will try to be there to help you through it.  But first, please be willing to accept that the above may be happening right now in your Siebel deployment.