AlphaStateCloseUpV1_58x58.png   Alpha State iOS App Support 


If you need further help with Alpha State, please send email to   Please include the following details in your email:

1) The version of the app you are running:

  1.  Introductory 1.0 release with 7 levels for $2.99.
  2.  Base 1.1 release with 4 levels for $2.99.
  3.  Advanced 1.1 release with 7 levels  for 5.99.

2)  A detail description of the steps to re-create the problem you are seeing.

  1. The steps you took before the problem occured
  2. The details about the problem
  3. How critial of an issue do you feel the problem is?

The more you help us, the more we will help you and the better a product we will produce in the future.   We will get back to you as soon as we possibly can and if you have found a real bug in our program we promise that it will be in one of our future release of Alpha State!  Thank you so much for your reporting the issue to us!